Prescription savings for the Hispanic Community

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With up to 90% discount at 62,000 pharmacies, we are among the best prices in the US.

Introducing MejorRx - a new Spanish-language pharmacy discount program, benefitting both patients and our members:

  • Patients can access affordable medications with an easy-to-use bi-lingual platform
  • Members can support their communities and earn additional revenue

We're excited to launch MejorRx, a powerful tool to support our communities by improving access to affordable medication. And our members earn every time patients use the program, so it's a win-win.

Manuel Cordero, Executive Director and CEO of the HDA

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Patients save up to 90% on prescriptions

At HDA our mission is to promote wellness and advocate for positive change in Hispanic/Latinx and underrepresented individuals and communities.

We believe improving access to affordable medication is a major step towards health equality.

That's why we partnered with health technology company RxSpark to develop MejorRx, offering some of the most competitive drug pricing in the USA, with up to 90% discounts at 62,000 pharmacies.

Low Prescription Prices

Great Health Features

MejorRx also offers mail order medications, health-related products, relevant services, health education and refill reminders.

Patients can earn when they use the program, and earn when their friends save too!

Unique Rewards Program

Benefits for Patients

You earn recurring revenue for every patient saving with MejorRx

Revenue is generated when patients:

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Can you help us launch MejorRx?

We are looking for members to help us run our pilot.  All you need to do is share the benefits of MejorRx with your patients through your normal communication routes: emails, texts, social media, posters and handouts. 

We are here to support you with all the marketing ideas and assets you need to get started.

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Want to get started?

For the first 10 members that sign up to help with the pilot, we will provide a starter kit of materials worth $180. 

Any questions? 

Contact us at 

“Mejor Rx, Mejor Vida, Mejor Sonrisa”


Fill any prescription using the program at the pharmacy

Buy products using the platform

Book health services through the platform

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